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How to Install the Google Chrome Extension Popup Blocker


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wanna share How to Install the Google Chrome Extension Popup Blocker

Install the Google Chrome Extension Popup Blocker on a computer if you are using Chrome is an option, for visitors in general are usually so was I who sometimes likes mempermasalah popup appears in the form of new browser tabs or windows when opening a site because of the popup that appears it could be beneficial for visitors such as hosting websites, games or any other personal sites to be introduced by the owner of the site is re-thinking how we respond. In Google Chrome Extension called Add Ons for Mozilla Firefox according to the title signifies topics will be discussed here is for Google Chrome only.
How to Disable Popup In Google Chrome
Perhaps one of the readers do not know the purpose of this post I made in accordance with the purposes of the above keywords Extension Installation Popup Blocker is to disable / disable popup new browser windows. I recommend using the Classik Popup Blocker, that popup will remain visible, but before the process is finished loading popup that appears will be gone very quickly and I think it is more Friendly. For this type of extension blocks popup itself there are many you can choose to also refer to the link here: Popup Blocker

To install very easily get here: Classic Popup Blocker continue to press the button ADDED TO CHROME. Extension has been installed, to see the results seen at the top right of your browser shows the icon with the NT text, click the icon select Disable or Enable Classic Popup Blocker Popup Blocker Classic view the following picture and feel the results.

Such is the way Disabling Popup In Google Chrome Classic Popup Blocker use. Hopefully useful and yours respectfully!!!

How to Install the Google Chrome Extension Popup Blocker

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