Thursday, April 28, 2016

How To Remove Video Recommendations On Android


I'll be share about how to remove video recommendation on Android. Who doesn’t know this one application streaming video “Youtube” , it’s one of entertainments for gadget users, providing a wide range of interesting spectacle streaming ranging from music, movie, etc. Besides, application installed on Android phones provide convenience to users in watching streaming video anywhere and anytime via Smartphone. There are other features that will provide convenience. But some people have even bothered with the presence of these features.

How To Remove Video Recommendation On Android
One of features of that is the Video Recommendations. The function of this feature is display of various video ever played by the user. even so, this video feature on many results that are not appropriate or inaccurate. In fact, sometimes the Recommended videos on the show very much with what we have ever seen.

Well, there is good news for you who feel uncomfortable with this one feature, the Google side has provided a way how to disable the feature on video, to turn off this feature users can directly through YouTube Android app. For how easy it can be seen more in the tutorial below:
  1. First, open Application Youtube user then tap on the button located in the upper right corner. Check whether you've actually logged into youtube account.
  2. Next will appear a menu in the top right corner, then the user can select the menu Settings -> Notifications
  3. At this stage, will be performing a selection of videos Recommended. To disable it, users can simply turn it off live alone.
  4. Finished

By doing step-by-step above, the video recommendation feature based video ever on the show are now gone from the Android Application Youtube. Then, video inaccurate will be replaced with Video Recommendations which indeed has been at random.

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